Farmer Bob ... Lives Again!

February 28, 2016

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I’ve been threatening this for a long time and now it has finally come to pass, Farmer Bob, of my long long ago high school cartooning days, lives again! Luckily I’ve learned a thing a two in the decades since high school, and this time it’s personal? Here are a few sketches I did to start the old brain churning on Farmer Bob:

Shucks, I wouldn't hurt a fly...

Ok, you're starting to piss me off...

Killin' time!

And here is my full sheet of poses feeling out the look of the new Farmer Bob, including a guest appearance by Mabel the pig!

Barrel O' Bob!

The “Mabel” on his axe is a tribute to the movie Frailty, which I believe was good or at least good enough to give me the idea to put a name on a axe handle? Anyway, lest the gentle viewer think this was all serendipitous I toiled a tad in creating the new Bob. Bear witness to a bunch o’ old timey ink sketches on something I’m told is called “paper”:

Some test Bobs

More test Bobs

Farmer Bob isn’t just returning in blog post and character sheet format, my intention is to actually create a Farmer Bob comic with crazy plot lines and epic Farmer Bob battles. Once an outlet for teenage rage against the high school machine, this new generation Farmer Bob will likely be an outlet for middle age rage against the corporate machine. So I guess it is par for the course. Speaking of high school rage, what Farmer Bob post would be complete without a classic Bob sketch, this one is twenty or so years old!

This was done on the back of some high school assignment, well played self...

Yes, you can’t unseen that. Right now I’m wrapping up a short two page non-Farmer Bob comic now and working through an excellent comic creation book called Drawing Words and Writing Pictures. My goal is to start small with a few little comics and then launch a full Farmer Bob comic foray. Stay tuned for more…

Owen Soule

Published February 28, 2016