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  • Toby's on guard duty

    My slacking on my Licorice Merlin rigging continues!  This time I side-tracked myself with another great course from Digital Tutors, Skill Builder: Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya.   This was right up …

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  • Categories: Sculpture

    Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pixologic ZBrush

    Client: Personal Project

    Everyone's favorite reenactor, Toby, was my solution to the final project in the Digital Tutors course Skill Builder: Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya.    The project was pretty open-ended, asking only …

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  • Toby's Turntable

    Finally!  The much anticipated turntable of my ZBrush model "Guard Duty" featuring everyone's favorite heavy drinking reenactor, Toby, is complete!   Bask in it's warm glow and witness the …

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  • Dia de los Hops

    Yes, the day of the hops is at hand!  Well, not really, in fact "Dia de los Hops" is just a faux beer label created for the color version of "Guard Duty" below:Toby spilled a beer!  Party foul!The " …

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  • World War II Artwork

    If it seems like military topics pop up here a lot - get used to it.   As mentioned in my Guard Duty post some time ago, I grew up in a house with re-enactors and was weaned on military history!   In …

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  • Dr. Orpheus - Part 2

    The good doctor has had a bit of a facelift after my wife politely told me that the prior version looked too tight and was more or less a turd.   Less cheek wrinkled, a bit more anatomically friendly, …

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