Who or what lurks within

Latest Post Figuary 2023 by Owen Soule

On a lonely windswept hill hidden deep in the backwoods of Pennsylvania it sits.

A place local children speak of in hushed tones and on occasion try to get a closer glimpse of, only to lose their nerve and flee in abject terror. That place, one between serenity and madness, is none other than the Soule Designs workshop.

Founded in the early 2000s when Owen scrawled his first Soule Designs logo beneath a homemade coffee table, today we have grown to nothing less than a brand scrawled beneath various other things.  Straying from our founder's woodworking focus, Soule Designs now covers topics such as sequential art, clothing, digital sculpture, web development and more.   

The backbone of the Soule Designs workshop is our collective of intrepid authors who strive to document the full gamut of their creative endeavors .  With a diverse set of backgrounds and interests, our team always has something new for your reading pleasure.   Speaking of reading, if you're still reading this we applaud you!  Now go forth and peruse our work.