Ah yes, the weekend is upon us again and that means it was time to fire up ye olde Soule Designs Workshop for a little woodworking action...notch style.  We now join the "couch" end table saga, already in progress....

Having finished the rough mortise/plunge router cuts on Monday night I set out to complete the remaining bits of the legs today.  This entailed creating a series of notches for the drawer rails to fit into.  To accomplish this I crafted a board and bolted it to my router table miter gauge - simple enough - the hard part came in lining up the router and setting the stop blocks.

Skipping past the hours of testing and fiddling - I had my roughly cut notches with only minor chipping around the router cuts.  Not really a big deal as any chips or router blowback will be neatly tucked away in the dark/foreboding inside of the "couch" end table.

The next step was finalizing the legs by squaring up the notches and mortises.  First I had to ready my chisels which lead to the inevitable stabbing of my finger and a few pints/quarts of lost blood.  If I'm within two feet of a chisel I'm sure to get cut, so Band-Aids were at the ready and I patched myself up in no time.   I posted a nifty before and after chiseled leg pic on the web album of this project which is available by clicking the image above.   I hoped to get all the legs done today, and the apron tenons too, but I'll settle for one - if we don't get a ton of snow tomorrow I'll return to the Soule Designs Workshop and finish the job.

Notch, notch.