Why Ask Why? Table Fitted Dry!

March 9, 2009

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I arrived at the workshop early yesterday and finally cut the tenons on my aprons using the mighty green tenoning jig. I picked this up a month or so ago from Woodcraft and until this point had only used it to mangle test pieces. While this jig was a real pain to setup, the results were definitely worth it!  After using the jig and table saw, the tenon shoulder cuts were completed using a neat little Japanese hand saw. Finally, with the help of a thumb plane the aprons were dry fitted and I was able to view the partially assembled table for the first time:

As you can tell from the above pic, the "couch" end table looks very much like real shaker works :-) Also, I couldn't be happier with the proportions of the legs, top, and apron pieces.  Now onto getting that darn top joined and breadboarded!

Owen Soule

Published March 9, 2009