Marine One & Magic Mouse

March 7, 2010

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Development on Scootercuse was put on hold today as my wife and I went on a field trip to visit Marine One, the president's helicopter, at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. Laura's cousin, Rob, is a pilot in the Marine HMX-1 squadron. Seeing the chopper without saying "Get to the chopper!" took all my will power, but ultimately good prevailed and the largest transgression I mustered was the old Nixon pose. Various and sundry photos, including shotgun toting, can be seen here.

On a completely unrelated topic - I picked up an Apple Magic Mouse this weekend and it is genuinely nifty. I don't really need a bluetooth mouse, but it's nice to know I could throw it across the room should the mood strike. The one pisser is the lack of a center button. I had become completely dependant on the center button to show Spaces - after a bit of googling I found this really nifty preference pane, MagicPrefs, that allows you to setup all types of gestures using the magic mouse. Three finger tap for Spaces? I think so!

Owen Soule

Published March 7, 2010