Soule Designs: The Next Generation

October 19, 2010

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In a case where the internet may eat itself: Soule Designs, my upcoming portfolio site, is being promoted here on Soule Designs the blog! Below is a mockup I worked on over the weekend to get the general aesthetic - the final pages will be written in Visual Studio 2010 as an MVC 2.0 website:

I have quite a bit of planned content, including Scootercuse, my web work at Merion Matters, and some old projects such as a bass fishing guide service website and a throwback Angry Geek Productions shout out. I'm also going to put up some vector art and maybe even mention some woodworking - though I'll probably keep those topics on this blog to make the portfolio more targeted to web development and web design. Stay tuned!

Owen Soule

Published October 19, 2010