Cleaning up Spider Yard

December 3, 2011

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I called the southeast corner of the lot "Spider Yard" because of the piles and piles of bricks, flagstones, random rocks, and pavers that had been sitting for years, probably, and as a result were transformed into spider luxury-condos. Seeing the hardscaping possibilities, I was determined to use every single brick and stone possible to give some definition to the then overgrown yard.

New brick circle for the tree
More curvy brick
New brick beds
Newly lined beds here and more stones just waiting to be walked on :-)
Driveway pavers
Brick edging at the back
That crappy trellis-thing in the background desperately needs replacing. (sigh) That's for another weekend...
A use for leftover driveway pavers
Spider Yard
Another view of Spider Yard
Brick collection

Laura Soule

Published December 3, 2011