Interior renovation: Plaster repair and paint galore

December 15, 2011

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During the spring and summer of 2011 we started to repair the plaster (walls and ceilings) and started to paint. ALL of the walls and ceilings were in need of repair and paint - this was not what you'd call an out-of-the-box house!

Guest room - making progress
Guest room - Post-wallpaper but pre-paint
This room also had painted wallpaper that had to be removed.
Master bedroom - painted wallpaper removal
Scraping out the painted wallpaper in the master bedroom (ugh!)
Wallpaper removal in the mint closet
That's me slaving away.
Second floor hallway radiator
After 90 years, what would we expect?
Completed closet
What a nice change. Still decided to stick with green, though.
Guest room 'After'
Newly painted guest room
All finished.
Guest room 'Before'
This is the guest room during the walkthrough.
Mint-green closet with wallpaper removed
This closet in the guest room had a lot of wallpaper painted mint-green and it was real pain to remove.
The room we now use as an office
This was taken during the walkthrough
Newly painted radiator
The 1921 radiators look almost brand new!
Completed bedroom
It's true - I didn't bother to tidy up before taking this photo. But at least the laundry on the bed is clean.
Completed bedroom
New color scheme in the master bedroom
Second floor hallway - Pre-paint
Master bedroom during painted wallpaper removal
Mint closet during wallpaper removal
Office 'Before'
What we now use as the office during the walkthrough
Blue-tape nightmare
Painting in progress
Patched plaster in the bedroom
Spray paint booth for the radiators
Owen's spray paint method of refurbishing all of the old radiators
Cracked wall in master bedroom
The plaster in the master bedroom was in especially bad shape, and needed repair.
Another view of the finished hallway
Upper hallway radiator freshly painted
Still 90 years old, but with a fresh coat of spraypaint
Upper hallway finished
Now with new paint job
Upper hallway 'Before'
Upper hallway ready for painting
In the upper hallway, the walls have been cleaned and repaired and are about ready for paint
Stairwell during scraping/painting
Newly painted office
Office 'After'
New color scheme for the office

Laura Soule

Published December 15, 2011