The scary basement becomes a gym and some first floor projects

March 25, 2012

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During January through March 2012, we tackled the cracked plaster in the living and dining room, and sealed the walls in the basement.

Basement 'After'
Still a basement, but a much more suitable place for P90 video workouts
Basement 'Before'
This cedar closet was a lovely haven for mice
Basement 'After'
Now a functional gym
Basement during the walkthrough
Newly patched ceiling
Removal of weird ceiling lump
There was a lump on the ceiling from old water damage. Here, Owen has taken down the old damaged drywall and prepared the area for a replacement.
Dining room with new paint
New dining room
Dining room during the walkthrough
Another view of the living room
Fireplace in living room
Living room during the walkthrough
View of the living room during the walkthrough. The glass door on the left was removed, painted, and later replaced
Vicki poses with painted living room
Living room with new color scheme and patched up walls
Dining room completed
Freshly painted living room
Painted ceiling
Almost can't see the seams
First floor closet with new drywall & paint
View of the sitting room from the kitchen
This is another view of the grey-blue sitting room from the kitchen
New cabinet for sitting room
Now the sitting room is red! And Owen's putting together the new cabinet
Completed sitting room
Old sitting room
This is the sitting room seen from the kitchen with grey walls.

Laura Soule

Published March 25, 2012