Pond clean-out

May 9, 2012

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The pond had accumulated a LOT of leaves over the years and hadn't been cleaned out since we-don't-know-when. So it was time just deal with it already. Having a heavy-duty water pump was really helpful and got the water out pretty fast. With an extra long hose, we just drained it into different areas of the yard.

Towards the bottom, I switched to the shop vac since there was no water left, only really thick muck. The pond has been refilled and the frogs are happy.

Before the cleanout
Any tadpoles I found I kept in a bucket until I could refill the pond.
Getting lower
Bin for leaves
There was a lot of muck in there.
Water pump
Almost there
Pond clean out continued
I had to keep emptying the shop vac since it filled up so quickly with mud, leaves, etc. Yuck. The filter eventually went kaput.
Pond draining
The waterlily, that big tangled mass to the left of the bin, had some serious roots on it and was pretty difficult to drag out.
Pond draining
Pond in bloom
OK for another season :-)

Laura Soule

Published May 9, 2012