Plume poppy insanity

July 15, 2012

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Have you seen these exotic-looking, gigantic-leaved plants with seeds at the top known as plume poppies? I don't really see these anywhere except in my yard, but boy, are they annoyingly profuse. There was a large forest of them in an area I wanted to make into a more 'respectable' flower bed, so I had to dig the stubborn things out.

You'll see that some of the rocks and pavers that were sitting in Spider Yard were put to good use!

When poppies still ruled
Poppy explosion
Those roots are such a pain to dig out.
Weed central
New pathway
Another view of the pathway
Poppies no more
Newly defined bed for veggies
The trellis before
Along with the plume poppies, the trellis was the other thing that had to be removed
Owen prepares the wood for trash pickup
The trellis came down in fall 2012 to make way for new plants in the spring. Plus, that kudzu was just getting too comfortable.
Remaining weeds, etc.
Now no trellis
Gone for the fall - Roses will be back in the spring
The weird post sticking up will make a great spot for a birdhouse...

Laura Soule

Published July 15, 2012