Hulk Smash!

October 10, 2012

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Rather than diving right in and trying to make a super complex Cthulhu sculpture based on the drawing in this post, I decided to spend a tad more time learning the ZBrush tools and just creating random... stuff. To this end I started out creating a basic armature using the nifty ZSpheres within ZBrush.

Danger Will Robinson!

With this in place, I tacked on loads of ZSpheres using the ZSketching palate.

Possible star of Transforms 5?

Next came an adaptive skin from the Transformers-esque ZSphere creation.

Looks like a reject mutant from Batman: Arkham Asylum

And last but not least, Hulk Smash!

Hulk needs to hit the squat rack to bulk up those puny legs

Ok, so not really the best Hulk, but my goal with this wasn't to mirror any specific image - in fact I was thinking of making this into a generic thug-type character and it just lent itself so much toward the Hulk I couldn't resist. But wait,  on closer inspection he looks more like a pissed off, roided out Jolly Green Giant!

Unmanageable hair makes Jolly Green Giant smash!

Ok, maybe not the best use of time but definitely getting better acquainted with ZBrush :-)

Owen Soule

Published October 10, 2012