Master of the Moondog - Part 2

February 3, 2013

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That faint baying in the distance isn't the Bumpus' hounds, it's the call of the Moondog signaling my first update!  I finished most of the body sculpting on the female character, Darbor, over the past couple weekends.   There are actually a number of human models pre-made in ZBrush but I wanted to work through the whole process so I created my own.   Below is a quick movie highlighting the progress on the model from a ZSphere armature, on to a very low polygon model, and finally the nearly complete model with 5+ million polygons.

Here is a larger close-up of just the head - pretty basic female anatomy here, though it took me a while to knock out because I haven't done much human sculpting.   It turns out making monsters is so much easier because there are no wrong proportions.  And yes, she will have hair, but now is not the time for hair, that comes later...

Lifeless eyes, red-wax eyes, like a doll's eyes... if the doll had-red wax eyes which would be strange

Once I was happy with the model sculpt, I did some rough polygon painting to get a better feel for what the colored model would look like.  Below is a render with the orthographic views from Master of the Moondog - Part 1 in the background as reference.  Apparently bald, 50's sci-fi women are rooting for the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl today, who knew?

Ray Rice swimsuits are the result of too much Super Bowl pre-game!

Lastly, I whipped up a few simplified space suit pieces and sample FiberMesh hair as a rough preview of things to come...

She looks vaguely like Alice from Resident Evil? 

Wicked!  That's it for now,  I'll post more updates as I make progress!

Owen Soule

Published February 3, 2013