Master of the Moondog - Part 3

February 20, 2013

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The Moondog Rises!  Over the past couple weeks I managed to sneak in some ZBrush time and added a bit more detail/texture to the Martian bombshell, Darbor, along with getting the primary sculpting done on the moondog himself.  Here we go...My previous post showed Darbor with her helmet in place.   I toyed with creating this topology in ZBrush, but wound up using Maya instead since I had so much more control over the points and curves which was pretty essential in making the dome taper properly into the base.  Below is a Mental Ray render of the final helmet in Maya on a mannequin head:

In space, no one can hear you scream... especially if your a mannequin head with no mouth?

This finalized helmet was pushed over into ZBrush via GoZ.  After much texturing and tweaking I wound up with the below render of Darbor - made all the more Total Recall-ish (the Arnie version) by incorporating some manner of Martian space-scape in Photoshop:

Riding a floating-space-disc in heels takes mad Kung Fu skills

The bizzaro belt and armor was actually inspired by another Planet Stories cover  from the Sci Fi Calendar I mentioned in Master of the Moondog - Part 1.   Basically Darbor is a melding of the two covers below - thanks Planet Stories for all this ZBrush fodder!

battle axe + boob armor = awesome?

Ok, onto the rising moondog as promised all those many pixels ago.  Below is my initial version of Charley (yes, that's his name in the story) with some quick polypainting.  I'll likely add more detail and change the skin material to something more ethereal and/or frightening for the final render:

As a reminder, yes, it hurts just being Charley

That's it for this Moondog installment, the next in this series will be the finale with both models combined for an epic recreation of the Planet Stories cover! I'll also do an interactive turntable similar to the one in my JQuery ?s ZBrush? post.   As always, keep those eyes open for updates...

Owen Soule

Published February 20, 2013