Darkevious Fiendo

April 30, 2013

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Quick update on the devil bust I posted about a few days ago.  As you may have surmised from this entry's title, his name has been changed from Barkevious Mingo to something with a similar ring but even more menacing... Darkevious Fiendo!   But enough about that, onto the polypainted model as I promised.  But I warn you, don't stare too long into his eyes lest you fall under his demon spell!

Fiendo sports a comfy sweater, as is the current fashion in Hell... so I hear...

And for good measure here is the 360 degree view of the bust, then skin has a bit too much specularity for my liking in these renders, it actually looked a lot less glossy in ZBrush, meh?

Yep, just a red devil, pretty generic, and no red devil post would be complete without a Legend Devil/Darkevious comparo, enjoy...

Looks a bit like the Legend Devil's punk younger brother... get a job you lazy demon!
Owen Soule

Published April 30, 2013