Dr. Orpheus - Part 1

June 18, 2013

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I recently starting thinking of The Venture Bros., likely spurred on by some subliminal advertising in my Gmail because season 5 just started, but let's pretend that I have yet to be completely bent to Google's advertising will...for now.  In case anyone is unaware, The Venture Bros. is a hilarious cartoon that started a few years back, from Wikipedia:

The Venture Bros. is an American animated television series that premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on February 16, 2003. The series mixes action and comedy together while it chronicles the adventures of the Venture family: well-meaning but incompetent teenagers Hank and Dean Venture; their emotionally insecure, ethically challenged super-scientist father Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture

The Venture family is the mainstay of the show, but my favorite character has always been that wacky necromancer, Dr. Byron Orpheus.  

So from this completely non-Google induced thought, I decided why not do a sketch and start down the road of making a Dr. Orpheus ZBrush sculpt!  Below is the progression from my initial sketch, to inking this sketch, and then finally coloring the inked outline.   This was all done in Photoshop since I'm lazy and couldn't find my pencil sharpener.

Click above for other-worldly image enlargement

So it was drawn, so it shall be sculpted!  Below is a bodiless Dr. Orpheus head floating in a hellish gray limbo of ZBrush UI-ness:

I like to imagine him screaming something like "Gluten free!" And I have no idea why...

I thought about pushing this concept into something more realistic, but opted to keep it stylized and cartoony much like my concept drawing and the animated character himself.   And here is a quick shot of the full model:

You'd scream too if you body was an emaciated, pixelated, red chavant blob!

Obviously I haven't done much on the body yet, but never fear, a fully clothed and emphatic Dr. Orpheus is coming soon...

Owen Soule

Published June 18, 2013