Dr. Orpheus - Part 2

June 30, 2013

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The good doctor has had a bit of a facelift after my wife politely told me that the prior version looked too tight and was more or less a turd.   Less cheek wrinkled, a bit more anatomically friendly, and sporting a new shader - a second round Dr. Orpheus head is born!

Dr. Orpheus demands you pick him up something from Hell's duty free store!

But wait... there's more... the head still looks a bit wonky without a body, but never fear the body is here!   I'm so sorry for that rhyme...

Orpheus saying some crazy shit, because that's his style.

He's looking much better, like some kind of creepy/weird/magic Dracula.   With all the base geometry in place I'm moving on to posing the model and then sculpting some excellent cloth draping and folding goodness.   Hopefully I'll knock that out in the next couple days.On a side note, the talisman/amulet thing clasping his cape was done with a technique outlined here under "Using Alphas in ShadowBox".   This is a very cool feature and can be used to build very precise hard-edged geometry super fast.

The mask on the left generated the mesh on the right.   The cut out was just a subtracted cylinder after converting the generated mesh to DynaMesh.

I also used the new ZResmesher in ZBrush 4r6 and took the 290,000 polygon talisman down to 2,000 polygons!   Very cool, I can't wait to delve deeper into the ZRemesher tool but that's a topic for  another day.

Owen Soule

Published June 30, 2013