Running behind on my CG Society ZBrush course wrap-ups, but don't worry, I'll catch up over the next few weeks.  For now, sit back, relax, and make ready for the skunk ape's final frenzy!

Week four was all about polypainting, rendering, and compositing our beasts in Photoshop.   Taking a clue from week two of the course I decided to fiddle with color in Photoshop first before actually polypainting the model.  My color concept was pretty simple, orangey red hair like an orangutan along with a grey/pink skin tones.  

Let my muscles hug you!!
At this point the instructor felt my model was too much like a primate (but, but, skunk APE?) so I did a few additional alterations to the character.   Notably the addition of some horn-like growths and fiddling with proportions.  Below are a couple variations on the original model - I stayed with the hairier version because I spent all that time sculpting that crazy ass hair!

Killer Croc on the left and Evil Dead Skunk Ape on the right?
Once my hornier/satanic skunk ape variant was settled on, I polypainted the model in ZBrush sticking pretty closely to my concept color scheme.

For some reason this looks much darker than it did in the ZBrush UI, meh?
The instructor's method for compositing involved a TON of different color and specular passes, here is a sampling:

It's... hypnotic...
He has since said this was a bit much and will likely simplify this portion of the course for its next go round.   Anyway, with the renders complete it was off to Photoshop to work a little PS magic.  The result of the compositing and various paint overs can be seen below:

Skunk Ape stumbled into your sunshine daydream!
I really liked the premise of having the creature in broad daylight on a sunny day just to push it as far away from the instructor's example as possible.  The result may be a bit cartoonish, but then again so am I?   With this render done I couldn't help intensifying the funny and taking it to the next level.   The result is a Florida tourism post card modeled after old-timey postcards:

Yes, I'm waiting on a call from the Florida Tourism Bureau to license these for sale statewide ;-)   Ok, that's it for the first half of this course - the next is all about the Chupacabra and that should be a blast.  More updates coming soon...