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September 30, 2013

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It's been quiet on this blog for a while but now I'm back.  Yes, back from an exclusive sabbatical touring Europe, Scandinavia, and the sub continent.  Or perhaps back from a near death encounter bare-knuckle boxing wolf-yeti hybrids ("wetis") in Nepal?    More than likely back from a commuted jail sentence after assaulting an officer in a failed attempt to weasel my way onto Campus PD? Um, no, more or less back from this:

Yes, my home is like a Looney Tunes cartoon - don't tell anyone how I live.   Nevertheless, I am back to feverishly hack away at the Soule Designs blog.   I took a break from ZBrush and Maya and all manner of digital fun for the past few weeks to focus on house renovations and my "honey-do" list.  Now that the kitchen is painted and we've relocated the laundry room appliances from the mudroom to the cellar I can get back to what really matters, obsessing over CG projects and firing off blog posts into the bottomless void of the internet.To that end, here is some random shit!   For some time the style of the Twitter widget used on this blog was bothering me, and by bothering me I mean burning a searing hole in my mind with it's no matchy poo-ishness:

If only there was a way to style this widget to look like it belonged on my blog, I thought, then my life would be fulfilled and I may truly feel happy.  As I casted about on the internet desperately seeking this happiness for what must have been minutes, I found the solution in Twitter's documentation:

Good, gooood.  But alas, the noheader attribute removed the nifty follow button - yet enabled me to style the header to match all other headers on the page.   Never fear, I found this really nice CSS only follow button on Github -which when combined with the above flags yielded:

A styled Twitter widget - bask in the warm glow of true happiness!

10/6/2013 Update!

Quick update on this widget, the astute viewer reading this on or after 10/6 may note the widget style in the right column has changed slightly from the image posted above.   I made a view refinements by injecting my own stylesheet into the twitter widget  iframe using JQuery:

I also set the data-tweet-limit="5" on the widget, which removed the scrollbar...excellent!

Owen Soule

Published September 30, 2013