After sleeping off my Thanksgiving food coma last weekend I got down to brass tacks, and by brass tacks I mean modeling a shotgun and a knife.    I departed from ZBrush as I thought these props would come together much easier and faster in Maya.   Below are the reference sheets I created based on photos obtained from the Soule Armory along with the models in Maya:

Yes, in WWI they had brass knuckle knifes for added beatdowns whilst stabbing
Winchester Model 1897, a.k.a. The Trench Sweeper

Using the handy GoZ function I could easily get these into ZBrush - here are a few shots of the models in ZBrush with some basic color thrown on and a wood texture painted on the shotgun using Spotlight:

And last but not least the accessories roughly placed into the Salvation Army Lass composition - more to come as I transition into sculpting some clothes!  Put some gosh dern clothes on lady!