Entertainment Cabinet Strikes Back

April 17, 2014

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I have tons of unfinished projects in my personal queue: children's books, Zbrush sculpts, website updates, etc., but it has been a long time since woodworking graced the pages of Soule Designs.  After a particularly shitty winter which lead to a shittier snow melt that flooded my garage, I decided it was time to wrap up some woodworking projects who previously called the garage home.

Among the surviving victims of the great garage flood of 2014, now holed up in the basement, are my couch end table and my entertainment cabinet projects.   Both of which were essentially complete in 2011 and left unpainted/unfinished due to a variety of house renovation projects and Maya/ZBrush time wasting.   I opted to tackle the entertainment cabinet first since it is taking up the most space and messing with my basement's chi.

When last we saw the entertainment cabinet....

The warm spell last week lasted just long enough for me to stain and apply a few coats of polyurethane to the shelves and the cabinet top.   For the stain I used Shaker Workshops Medium Wiping Stain and for the poly it opted for Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane in semi-gloss mainly because we had both products lying around from prior projects.

Finished top and shelves

Finished top detail

Next on the list is painting the cabinet case, doors and drawer fronts.  In hope of making this project as complicated as possible, I opted for a layered General Finishes milk paint finish.   Here are the components and colors:

Product shots from Woodcraft.com

This may seem like a lot of products for one cabinet and in fact it is a lot of products for one cabinet.   However, I think the end result will be really cool?  Without any priming, so the case, doors and drawer fronts as they currently stand, the application process should go like this:

Just that simple?   Yup!  If that makes absolutely no sense there is a handy YouTube video by General Finishes that outlines the process:

Now all that's left is actually painting it!  The finishes arrive via UPS tomorrow so hopefully I'll get pretty far into this process over the weekend.   I just want to say good luck to myself, we're all counting on me...

Owen Soule

Published April 17, 2014