Blue voodoo for you

July 27, 2014

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A few weeks ago I came up idea of making a voodoo doll as a good 'ol fashioned tool of catharsis (we all need an outlet now and again, right?) I remembered the adorable 'Dammit Dolls' ( I first saw during a visit to Hex in Salem, Mass., which had the perfect combination of plushness and durability. After finding a variety of voodoo doll patterns & ideas online, I got to work.

Oddly enough, after making a couple of these, I found myself wanting to hug them instead of beat them. Even though I tried to make them extra ugly, I just knew these wouldn't be seeing any angry pin-pricking sessions.  Hence, I've decided to call these my 'blue voodoo' dolls. Why blue? The color blue is believed to exude soothing, healing energy. Even though these have very little blue in them, they still carry a healthy, positive vibe. I'd like to believe so, anyway! :-)

Various tests of pattens
Here's a collection of different trials where I experimented with arm length, head size, & leg shape
Patchwork doll
I consider this one of the winners - the patched fabric adds a neat effect and is a good substitute for actual clothes
Batwing arm design
One of the earlier prototypes - The arms are a bit too angled, I think.
Asymmetrical design
This turned out to be my favorite for its animated look. I may do some other variations on this pattern.

Laura Soule

Published July 27, 2014