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July 30, 2014

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I'm a huge fan of jewelry and have had lots of fun stringing beads and collecting pendants over the years. Below is a sampling from my collection:

Moonstone, blue lace agate, carnelian
Moss agate neclace
Moss agate pendant with silver, carnelian, striped agate, plastic black beads
Closeup of pendant
Closeup of moss agate pendant. I absolutely love moss agate - Each stone looks like a mini-landscape
Jadite necklace
Jade/Jadeite pendant with aventurine, kyanite, flourite beads
Moonstone, carnelian, tiny yellow jade beads
Other view of moonstone/carnelian necklace
Turquoise pendant
Turquoise pendant with amethyst, blue agate, hematite, and chrysocolla beads
Mosaic neclace
Mosaic pin, about 1" in diameter. I removed the pin hardware and converted this into a pendant.
Beaded pin pendant
This pendant was also a pin that I converted into a pendant. Includes pink tiger eye glass beads, potato pearls, & plastic beads
This is kind of heavy to wear but I love the drama of these tumbled smokey quartz stones. It's of my favorite cold-weather pieces.
Gold shell pendant
You might recognize this pendant - this is one of the famous pieces sold at the Metropolitan Museum of Art store - it's a reproduction of something they have in their Egyptian collection. Here, I've added lapis lazuli and carnelian beads.
Seed bead necklace
Includes Chocos Cariados seeds (aka Yinyan seeds) from South America, red/black plastic, red glass, and a pendant made of red coral pieces.
Moss agate necklace 2
Another pendant made of moss agate. This pattern looks treetops against a grey, stormy sky. Also includes black glass and Swarosvski glass 'pearls' (color is 'bordeaux')
Mary pendant
I didn't make this pendant, but it's one of my favorite pieces and just wanted to share it: My grandmother went to Medugorje (Boznia & Herzogovina) in the mid 80s for a pilgrimage and brought this back for me. It reminds me to never stop believing in miracles.
Citrine necklace
Includes citrine, grey glass tiger eye, and Swarovski glass pearls in 'Night Blue'.

Initially conceived as a venue to document some home improvement projects, this blog has since expanded into other pursuits including anything from jewelry to art appreciation to textiles.

Art and art-making have always been an important part of my life. I believe there is therapeutic power in one’s own imagination, and it can be tapped through any kind of beautiful ‘object of meditation’. Whether in the form of music, photos, a good story, or the things only Mother Nature can take credit for, art nurtures our brains and souls. Like spirituality, art may not be necessary for survival but it definitely makes life worth living. Happy imagining!

Laura Soule

Published July 30, 2014