Macbook Pro Bakery

January 3, 2015

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Figured I’d churn out a quick rehash of my Saturday computer baking exploits, yes that’s right, I straight up cooked my macbook in the oven! Well, the logic board part of my macbook at least. This wasn’t the end result of some crazed post-New Year holiday hangover, rather I happened upon an article outlining baking one’s macbook here:

Piping hot from the oven, a roasted logic board!

I had been considering throwing a radical and cheap solution at my failed macbook pro ever since it gerked out on me in September, a little vacation time over the holidays offered the perfect time to enact this plan. The macbook pro was essentially a really well designed paper weight, so why not bake it?!

Back to the bakery, the gist is baking your logic board in the oven at 340 for 7 or so minutes reflows the solder that connects the GPU to the logic board. People claim poor thermal paste installation on the GPU caused the GPU’s solder to get wonky and ultimately lead to the display not working properly, computer randomly shutting down, computer not starting up, basically all sorts of bad things.

Post roast, the logic board is ready for new thermal paste and a reinstall back into its aluminum home

I gave this whole process a very low chance of working, honestly between the roasting and having to wrangle all the little connections on logic board I assumed something would break and the board would be fried. Imagine my surprise once everything was buttoned back up and I hit the power button…

It lives… again!

I guess only time will tell how long this fix works but for now I’m basking in the subtle aroma of a freshly baked macbook pro :-)

Owen Soule

Published January 3, 2015