Peck, Peck, Peck Progress - January 2015 Edition

January 30, 2015

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Time for the first Peck, Peck, Peck installment of 2015! If you’ve been following closely, or even following with vague and distant interest, you’ll note something missing in this ongoing saga. Sadly, the December 2014 Edition never materialized due to a few different factors, most of which was me taking a detour into the open source coding world and building a Ruby on Rails site for Laura. That, gentle reader, is a story for another time. Now to once again feed your insatiable cartoon appetites, strap on this digital feedbag and gorge on January’s Peck, Peck, Peck illustrations!*

Finished version of half complete linework I posted back in November

The whole family going on a walk in the woods

Up in the sky with Austin as he surveys his domain

All you can eat wilderness buffet!

*Soule Designs is not responsible for any ill effects of consuming cartoon art.

Owen Soule

Published January 30, 2015