Side Table Fangle

February 25, 2015

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I’ve been hunting for a small side table to use as a coffee mug/book rest in my office for some time now and up until recently my hunt was fruitless. That was until a week ago when Laura returned from a storage locker auction (YUUUUP!). Actually, it wasn’t anything like an auction, more like her Grandmother wanted to clear out an old locker because she was downsizing apartments, but in my mind it was a hard fought auction in which Laura came out victorious and returned home with this:

Enter the 1950’s side table...

Upon laying eyes on it, I knew my side table quest was at an end. However, placing it in my office yielded fail worthy results. It was too tall for my el-cheapo Ikea chair and too big for the space I hoped to cram it into:

Awkwardly huge side table fail! Also, I ♥ you 1950's horror font.

I knew what had to be done, off with its top! Ye olde wood glue was no match for a hair dryer and some crazy chisel hammerin':

Topless table, I recommend looking away... in disgust

With the top removed I set off to Google to quest for a suitable replacement. My goal was to locate a smaller round top, something like a shaker candle stand, that was already cut and finished. This is mainly because I didn't want to fool around with setting up a jig to cut a top, plus it’s ridiculously cold outside to be woodworking and applying stain/polyurethane. After finding tons of "way too big" round tops I stumbled upon an Etsy store, Paul’s Specialties, selling cutting boards and lazy susans made from hardwood that were perfect for my needs. I ordered a 12” dark cherry lazy susan for about $30, within a few days it arrived and I got busy de-lazifying it in preparation for it’s greater purpose as a side table top!

Lazy susan base/swivel removed and new holes drilled for table toppery!

With the top ready, I screwed it down to the 1950's side table base as a chorus of cherubs sang and angelic light shown down from on high!

Side table part 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold

The top's cherry finish looks awesome and really durable, it doesn't quite match the old brownish walnut stained base, but luckily I don't give a shit because it fits into the office perfectly!

Welcome home gentle side table

And finally, the side table serving its higher purpose of holding coffee and comic books!

Truly you are a king among men side table
Owen Soule

Published February 25, 2015