Walking Dead Inspired Drawings

July 16, 2015

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Update 7/29: Added a Daryl Dixon inspired drawing at the bottom of this post because… why not?!

We’ve been watching a lot of The Walking Dead recently, seasons 1-4 on Netflix, and if that weren’t enough, to enhance my all-senses zombie onslaught I picked up the massive hunker of a comic collection The Walking Dead: Compendium One this week. All this zombification has started influencing my drawings, so I figured I’d put a few of these drawings online for posterity.

This first one was intended as a "Rick Grimes shocked at seeing his son, Carl, turned into a zombie" type thing, but it would up not looking at all like Rick Grimes and his reaction is a bit too wussified for my liking. However, I do like some of the cloth wrinkles, I was reading Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery so I may have gone a bit out of control with the wrinkles.

As my Dad always says, six shots from a .44 no zombie no more

Here is the zombie Carl the above not-so-much-Rick was going to be reacting to, I wound up liking it as a stand alone drawing plus the perspectives of the two figures didn't match up... meh.

Zombie Carl dines on delicious mystery meat...mmmm....

This last one is the result of my Cintiq mixed with beer and horror movies, I have no other explanation, enjoy the journey?

What the hell? Cartoon kid dreams of Rick Grimes??

7/29 Update!

Daryl Dixon hates zombies!
Owen Soule

Published July 16, 2015