September 17, 2015

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As I mentioned in a few prior posts, I’m working on figure drawing pretty consistently these days as a means of better understanding and stylizing anatomy. My hope is this practice not only strengthens my drawing skills but also my ZBrush skills as well, I’m a firm believer that the drawing and sculpting disciplines build on each other so building your artistic eye in one discipline will directly influence the other. The site I’ve been using most for this is

The site has a number of categories (figure, hand, faces, etc.) and within each category you may customize the images you draw from and the duration they are shown to suit your fancy. Pixelovely also has a really useful “Class” mode that starts with warm-up gesture and then moves into longer more involved poses. While I do wish there was an option like Croquis Cafe to work on one model only for a session, most of the time I would opt for the variety just because it makes it more interesting. And let’s face it, if I want a lone model I can always just go to Croquis Cafe’s videos!

Anyway, below are a few 30 minute “Class” sessions I did back in late July and meant to post but got sidetracked with crazy house projects. I don’t really follow a consistent format on longer drawings, sometimes I digitally ink them and other times I don’t, it xreally depends on what I’m feeling that day, enjoy...



Owen Soule

Published September 17, 2015