Drafting Table Companion

June 5, 2016

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Drafting tables are great. They give you a nice flat surface to work on, by tilting they save your neck and back from crippling pain, and let’s face it they simply add a much need artistic punch to any room’s decor. But alas, the drafting table has historically failed when one attempts to place supplies, such as media and instruments necessary for drafting, on the tilted surface.

While I’m sure people could use “side-tables” for such supplies, I dub that bullshit, and so the Soule Designs Drafting Table Companion was born!

Side View
Front view

Constructed of sturdy clear cedar sourced from the Soule Designs lumber yards, this unit is bulletproof. By not applying any sort of finish to the Drafting Table Companion, one never needs to worry about wet media spills as they are simply absorbed by the mighty cedar grain! Brilliant!

For further convenience, there are no tools required to install the Drafting Table companion as it is held firmly in place by a single C-Clamp.

Now is time for... THE CLAMP!

That’s not all, the triangular space under the shelf doubles as a small cubby for various drafting goods, and the bottom of the Drafting Table Companion may be fitted with optional Paper Towel Holder for all your wiping needs!

Cornucopia of features at your fingertips!

This mighty wedge of of organizational omnipotence wasn't just thrown together slapdash, oh no, it was developed and tested over many iterations in the Soule Designs labs. Proof of this attention to detail can be seen in the final pre-production schematics of the Drafting Table Companion!

They’re… beautiful…

That brings us to the little detail of price, I know by now you're salivating to own such a modern marvel. Unfortunately, the Soule Designs Drafting Table Companion is not yet available to the public. Our lawyers have yet to agree on the legal ramifications of individuals dying from sheer joy after purchasing this product. Never fear, we will continue to put the Drafting Table Companion through its paces and always, always continue to innovate.

Someday this could all be yours...
Owen Soule

Published June 5, 2016