September 10, 2016

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Out of nowhere and for no good reason, another post about a drawing! This time it’s a pinup of the Dark Horse character Ghost. For those too lazy to click that link, and to pad out this post, here’s an overview of the series:

Ghost is the fictional superhero of an eponymous comic book published by American company Dark Horse Comics. The character appeared in specials and monthly titles detailing the afterlife of Elisa Cameron and her search for the truth surrounding her (apparent) death.

So there you go. I’m considering this a second in a series - because it’s like my Lobster Johnson pinup I did earlier this year. Enough chitchat, peep the drawing yo (humongous full size here):

Ghost likes .45s, but then again, who doesn't?

A little background on why I chose Ghost. I stumbled across this short Ghost script on Dark Horse's site some time back. It used to be linked on their submission page as a good example of a script for artists to draw who want to submit their art work for consideration. The key phrase here is used to be, they no longer include this on their submission page but it's still hosted on their site and I figured what the hell - I'll still draw it! So this pinup is my first foray into the character - I’ll likely do some traditionally drawings of her next since I think I’ll do this short traditionally just like Red Wolf Night. But Owen, didn’t you say you were done with traditional comic creation after that last foray? Two words for you: I lied.

Anyway, here are the obligatory concept sketches because I so love posting this shitty work along with the finished image.   

More doodle than concept, like the hand on the hip though.

Once I decided to do a completed pinup of Ghost, I went looking for reference and found this great pose on Deviant Art. This sketch is based on that pose and was what I digitally inked over in Manga Studio.

Nixed the sneer in lieu of contemplative stare?

Inks sans color - for the completist in me.

That's it - a whole post for essentially one drawing - but I apologize for nothing! Once I get a bit further on the Ghost short, or concepts thereof, I'll post an update. Until then, stay frosty gentle readers.

Owen Soule

Published September 10, 2016