Misty Water-colored Phantasms

January 25, 2017

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For those of you waiting for the inevitable mashup of a Barbara Streisand song and a horror movie franchise in one blog title, your time is now! Bask in it, your patience has paid off. For the rest of you, bear with me… this will be over soon?   

First, let’s take a step back and review what's the haps here at Soule Designs. My next project is a comic called Helheim, which I laid out some concepts for here. Rather than dive in, I decided to take some time and try out watercoloring inked drawings. Why?   Because I’m a huge fan of Tyler Crook’s work on Harrow County.   He employs a watercolor and ink style on that comic and I figured why not try me some of that?

Phantasm came into the picture because I happened (by accident?) to watch all 5 (yes five) movies in December. With that much movie watching it was impossible to resist drawing some of the characters!  So let’s settle into a smooth groove of misty water-colored Phantasms, shall we?

The "Tall Man" and his crew

The Tall Man drawing was done on my Cintiq and printed in light blue. I discovered that blue ink runs all over everything when using watercolor - so I corrected that with the rest of these by printing drawings in light gray. Also the Tall Man was done on bristol which buckled like crazy with watercolor. The remaining drawings here were done on mixed-media paper, which was much better.

Jody from the original Phantasm

Teenage Mike from the original Phantasm

Crazed Reg with his four-barreled shotgun
I'd place this Reg somewhere between
Phantasm II and Phantasm III

A bit more on this process - I drew all these on the Cintiq and printed them out as I mentioned above. I then inked them using mostly a #2 Winsor Newtwon Series 7 brush. After than I hopped into watercoloring. Here's an example of one of the drawings post-ink and pre-color:

Mike sans-color

And that about wraps up my strange Phantasm "Phan” art watercolor experiment. I think I need a ton more practice with watercolor before moving onto an actual comic page, but this trial was fun nonetheless. Oh, and lest you think I haven't spent any time on Helheim, peep this wicked whiteboard doodle!

Get soooooooommmeee!
Owen Soule

Published January 25, 2017