Demonic Fan Art

April 26, 2017

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Eerily similar to last year in late April, I’ve hit a bit of a lag in my art projects. To quote my Analog Services article:

The Farmer Bob Trailer Park Boys comic is coming along nicely, if you define "coming along nicely" as an extremely slow event heavily laden with procrastination.

Since this is two years in a row, I’m going to assume this is a pattern until I’m told different. After much deep and profound self analysis, I’m blaming my slackerdom on April. After all, it is the the month for sprucing up the yard after a long winter, a time for hibernating house projects to wake up and consume endless hours of my time, oh and it’s also when trail running season starts in earnest. There are only so many hours in the day?

Fortunately for the world, I've managed to knock out a couple ink drawings this month along with all those other mundane April tasks. Feast your eyes on this odd duo of demonic fan art and rejoice!

The first one is a scene of Moloch the demon guy creeping up on Abbie and Ichabod from the Fox show Sleepy Hollow. Laura and I watched the season four finale earlier this month, and since it may be the final season I decided to create a drawing to commemorate it - plus I love drawing looming demons - but really who doesn’t?

This really needs captions….

Aaah, that's better!

And here is the drawing pre-wash because why not?

The second drawing is just plain weird. It's a musical scenario where the demonic-pope, Papa Emeritus, from the band Ghost joins Phantom of the Paradise as his “deal with the devil” drafting manager, Swan, looks on with glee. Trust me, it makes less sense to me than it does to you, but there it is so let's all just accept it and move on.

The newest offering from Death Records!

And now back to my regularly/annually scheduled April procrastination - this is from the Mt. Penn Mudfest 15K last weekend in Reading, PA:

Go do some art you lousy bum!
Owen Soule

Published April 26, 2017