The Monster Squad

May 24, 2017

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In yet another attempt to procrastinate from larger, more complex projects, I’ve once again created random fan art! This time it’s an homage to that most totally tubular of 80’s kid flicks, The Monster Squad! From left to right: Drac bat, Patrick, Sean, Phoebe, Horace, Eugene, and Rudy.

My name… is Horace! Wolfman has nards! Mummy came in my house!

The kids seemed a bit lonely so I decided to make a companion piece featuring the movie's monster antagonists: Creature, Mummy, Dracula, Frank, and Wolfman (plus nards?).

Creature apparently posing for a fashion shoot here?

These were created almost entirely traditionally, however since my pencils were done in a sketchpad I decided to scan and print them on mixed media paper rather than tracing them with a light box. Why, you ask? Because I’m in the goddamned club, aren’t I? Now that we’ve settled all that, here are the scanned inks pre-watercolor because that's just how I roll.


Since you're all worked into a Monster Squad lather after peeping these rad illustrations, I'll leave you with some good old fashioned Rock Until You Drop!

Owen Soule

Published May 24, 2017