College Era Paintings

June 29, 2017

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You can always count on me to dig into my historical art grab bag when I’m taking forever to complete a current project - and since that’s where I’m at now let’s start digging. Much like my walks down memory lane in past posts, my aim is to showcase some old work and to ridicule myself in equal measure. What better way to start than with a self portrait of yours truly?

Painter. Monk. Lunatic?

I actually still like this painting so I can’t poop on it too much. For not seriously studying anatomy I did a pretty good job of eyeballing proportions. On the flip side, I did a piss poor job of defining facial planes, but since I wasn’t studying anatomy that’s to be expected. The cloth also needs some better contrast - that’s something I still struggle with on more rare bits of color artwork.

Why the long face, horse-faced Owen?

This is a turd ball of giant nosed proportions. It actually kind of reminds me of a David Duchovny caricature and I hate it so much I almost didn’t include it here, but since one of my stated goals is self ridicule it fit way too perfectly to pass up.   

Much less grotesquely deformed, yay!

Luckily, my eye for proportions has gotten a bit better with age and with the use of futuristic technology (Photoshop) I was able to stave off some of this paintings shitiness and… save face? Yeah, you get it.

Devil went down to Georgia?

While most of the paintings in this post I don't quite recall which year of college I completed, this one I know was my freshmen year while I was still at SUNY New Paltz. The assignment was to create an illustration of a myth or fairy tale. I found some obscure story in a Scandinavian/Norwegian/Euro book (this was pre-internet research) about a card game and a man cheating by employing an under-table-devil and ran with it. This was pretty advanced for my skill level at that time and it is still pretty darn interesting to look at because of all the crazy colors and action going on. All my critiques for my first self-portrait fit here - why didn’t you study anatomy 18 year old Owen?? Stupid punk kids.. think they know everything.

Papa don't preach

This painting is based on a photo of my Dad at a reenactment in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. I don't think I was still taking art classes at the time I made this (already switched to comp sci) but I'm pretty sure I was still in college. I want to like this, but I really dropped the ball on highlights here which gives this painting an insanely flat look. I almost want to go in right now and fix it - but since it’s hanging on the wall in my parents house I doubt they’d like me taking a brush to it. Come to think of it, I dropped the ball on shadows here too except for under the bill of the hat. It’s just all wacky and flat - almost like a ZBrush model before rendering.

Caption Goes Here

What college art post would be complete without that most loved of college art teacher subject matter, the still life? I had a few still lifes floating around but I opted to only include one here because I'm lazy. Which is probably why I never invested that much time or energy into still lives themselves. I do think this is one of my better ones and I like the overall yellow tinge to this - it does give you a sense of a light illuminating the scene and the highlights are pretty cool too. I’m not sure what happened with the perspective here but it is for shit - almost veering into the realm of abstract? Maybe that’s what I was going for? Sure, we’ll go with that.

That’s it for the college paintings - they’ve successfully allowed me to post something this month which is not really important but one of those goals I try to hit monthly. My Conky pencils are nearly inked and shaded with wash, once those are done I’ll plop in the text in Illustrator and toss up a post. Hopefully with the long 4th of July weekend I can wrap that up and move onto another 2017 goal - completing a full 24 page comic!

Owen Soule

Published June 29, 2017