July 6, 2017

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I finally wrapped up Conky’s Revenge! This project has been floating around the Soule Designs workshop for waaaaay too long. My goal from the start was to color every page with watercolor, but since this sucker was dragging on I nixed that idea. In lieu of full color I switched to grayscale wash. I could have just skipped all shading like on my last couple projects, but since I inked these on mixed media paper, which sucks for inking due to its texture, I was damn sure going to put some kind of watercolor shiznit on these bitches!

Ink + wash = gray galore

I tried out a new hybrid (digital and traditional) process on this comic which I may or may not use again. What’s that? You want a list on how each page was created? Ok - you win, here is the rundown:

  1. Draw the page in Clip Studio Paint
  2. Print the digital pencils on Mixed Media paper in a very light brown (I opted for this over blue because I was going to color these and brown blends better than blue)
  3. Ink the page mainly with Winsor Newton Series 7 #2 and some random Maru nib work
  4. Watercolor wash the page mainly with a Winsor Newton Series 7 #6
  5. Scan the page
  6. Pull the scanned TIFF into Photoshop and clean-up, straighten, add contrast, etc.
  7. Create an Illustrator file for the page and use the TIFF as a background image
  8. Draw word balloons in Illustrator using vector tools, add in text using various Blambot comic fonts
  9. Place the Illustrator file in an InDesign book used for final export

Whew! I’m exhausted just typing all that - no wonder it seemed to be much more time consuming than simply drawing on paper, inking on paper, and then scanning an plopping in text. I guess that makes sense because I added a new “watercolor wash” phase but on top of that I think the Illustrator word balloons were oddly time consuming.

As always, your treat for sitting through rambling process documentation is PDF versions of Conky’s Revenge inks and pencils! Enjoy!

Open Conky's Revenge Inks (Pdf 5 MB)

Open Conky's Revenge Pencils (Pdf 4 MB)

Owen Soule

Published July 6, 2017