August 11, 2017

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Yes, I finally started working on Helheim after doing a bunch of studies last November! My goal is to complete at least six pages a month until the entire twenty-four pages are done - so doing some quick math it should take about four months to wrap it up. I started these pages on July 10th and I held myself to a month deadline - so that’s one down and three to go!

I’m going keep these interim installments short and sweet, below are the first six pages of the book. Pages two and three are noteworthy in that they are my first true “spread” - I haven’t quite figured out how to do it traditionally without getting a seam. Unfortunately my printer won’t go up to 17” wide so I had to print the pencils on two pieces of paper and try to match up ink/watercolor. Speaking of ink and watercolor, I’m using the same method on this book as I did on Conky’s Revenge because I’m a glutton for punishment. That’s it, a very brief amount of my usual pontification, I’ll save the bulk of it for the final Helheim installment…





Owen Soule

Published August 11, 2017