September 8, 2017

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Chomping at the bit for more Helheim? You’re in luck, below are the next round of almost complete pages. The first page is complete, having been inked and watercolor washed, the other five are inked only. Why this lazy attitude toward watercolor washing, Owen? Glad you asked. I’ve recently started an online comic course and I’m putting Helheim on hold until it wraps up in early October. So in the interest of getting these pages out there, I decided to post what I had complete as of September 6th which was the start of the course. I will gray wash the other five pages (likely when I get a spare moment throughout this month) but I didn’t want to hold off until they were all complete. So there you have it, without further ado… Helheim Part 2 (pages 7-12)...






Owen Soule

Published September 8, 2017