September 14, 2017

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Firing off a quick post to recap the first week in my Introduction to Comic Book Art course over at Comics Experience. Our first assignment was to choose a section from one of three provided works of literature (2001: A Space Odyssey, Fight Club, or The Iliad) and create three comic book page thumbnails. The goal was to show how comics require interpreting and often times abbreviating prose in order to visually tell a story.

I chose the excerpt from Homer's The Iliad for some epic Greek goodness - my adapted script can be read here. From there I did these thumbnails, which are each about 2” wide x 3” tall, using an instructor provided template:


Since the thumbnails went quick, I moved onto more fully realized sketches:




And that about wraps up week one! The class is proving to be really fun and Robert’s insights are incredibly helpful. Up next, we're moving on to thumbnailing the three pages we'll submit as our final project... stay tuned for more details...

Owen Soule

Published September 14, 2017