Sixth Gun Breakdowns

September 27, 2017

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Quick recap of this week’s work in my Comics Experience class: we were to take our sketches (a.k.a. layouts) from last week and blow them up to full-size 11x17. The instructor does this by taking scans of his medium sized thumbnails, blowing them up via photoshop, printing them out, and then using a light table to pencil them onto bristol. Since I’m working digitally, I just added a layer over my sketches from last week. These full size drawings are called breakdowns and should not contain shading, final rendering, etc. This took a lot of time just because there are so many figures and hands which tend to take me the longest. I ran out of time so my backgrounds and horses suffered, but that gives you something to look forward to in coming weeks? For now, enjoy these Sixth Gun breakdowns…



Owen Soule

Published September 27, 2017