September 20, 2017

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Another week means another post about my Comic’s Experience class! This week we began working on what will be our final project. The final involves picking a script from their considerable script archive and fully penciling three pages from said script. Our assignment for this week was to pick a script and create layouts for our three chosen pages.

My initial thought was to just do three pages (not already completed) from Helheim since I’m right in the thick of that project. But after further consideration, I opted to try something different. I read through a bunch of scripts and I really wanted to do one of the John Constantine, Hellblazer anti-hero scripts, however none really fit well into a three page arc or they had flashbacks/scene changes which were not permitted in this assignment. In the end I decided on a Cullen Bunn script called The Sixth Gun.   

Sixth Gun bad guys striking a pose...

The story is kind of an occult Old West mash up, with magical revolvers imbuing their owners with other worldly powers and a quest by a number of different parties to find the eponymous "Sixth Gun”. The dudes above all wield occult weapons that have effectively turned them into the four horsemen of the apocalypse, though they are never explicitly referred to as such, they are from left to right: War, Famine, Death, and Pestilence.

That four horsemen concept wasn’t actually part of the assignment, but what the hell it was fun anyway! Back to my actual pages, here are my first iteration of thumbnails - these are the tiny two inch tall versions and we were tasked with creating three options for each page and picking the ones we though were best. Oddly I picked my final version of each one.

I will call you "Mini Thumbs"

Once I settled on my mini thumbs, I re-drew them in the larger four inch tall instructor provided template.

Thumbs! Thumbs! Thumbs!

Next, I took the above scanned thumbs and literally plopped them into Clip Studio, scaled them to fit, tossed a blue overlay on those suckers, and then digitally penciled right over them. Something exactly like what is shown below!

Hybrid workflow for the win!

And to wrap up this week two recap here are my rough layouts for my three chosen pages, enjoy!

Sixth Gun 01_001.jpg

Sixth Gun 01_002.jpg

Sixth Gun 01_003.jpg
Owen Soule

Published September 20, 2017