Sixth Gun Cover Thumbs

October 4, 2017

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Now that's a mad libs title if I've ever seen one! Super quick recap on this week's Comic's Experience work: for week four we were to create three or more thumbnails of cover ideas for our chosen script and post them to the class forum so other students and the instructor could weigh in on their favorite. My four options are...  





I haven't heard back from the instructor on which option above he prefers but most of my classmates seem to like #1 the best. I actually like #4 the best because I think compositionally it just flows. I’m thinking I’ll create a super mega option that takes the best aspects of each and run with that! Tune in next week to see the cover breakdown.   

Oh, also I’ve waded into the Inktober project which is essentially just creating an ink drawing each day in October and posting online. For my latest check Twitter here - I’ll also do a recap at the end of the month and perhaps a giant collage of the drawings? Delightful!

Owen Soule

Published October 4, 2017