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March 11, 2018

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I'm a little under three months late posting my 2017 sketchbook recap - so if you've been anxiously awaiting this post the wait is finally over! Why so lazy with updates, Owen, you ask? Well, I've been delayed significantly in my drawing/design endeavors in a mad post-December rush to wrap-up house projects and prepare it for sale this Spring. Since we're nearly to our listing date, and my house to-do list is nearly done, the smoke will begin to pour forth from the Soule Designs factory once more! And by smoke I mean drawings... and by factory I mean blog?   

Allow me to borrow some of my own expertly crafted verbiage from last year:

Many of my sketches are drawn from the Croquis Cafe life modeling videos created by onairvideo. They’re a great resource and you definitely check them out if you’re doing any kind of figure drawing, also donate so they keep up the good work, you lousy bum! The rest of the sketches are mishmash of stupid cartoons, concepts, and even some drawings that made their way into various blog posts throughout the year.

In the interest of having a thumbnail image for this post, here is a drawing of John Constantine from my Hellblazer work in late 2017:

Constantine is not a happy man...

Finally, here are the full set of 2017 sketches: https://www.souledesigns.com/sketchbook/2017 There are not quite as many as last year because I was churning out many more comic pages and various other items I already posted about on the blog. Also, be sure to scroll down as there are at least a couple pages worth - they'll load as you scroll down the page.

Now I need to start working on some new comic pages! Freedom from home projects is nearly at hand! HAHAHAH!

Let's hope there’s no laughing death, my portfolio still needs work! :-D

Owen Soule

Published March 11, 2018