Darkness 6 Layouts

October 22, 2019

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I opted to layout another set of pages for my latest Comics Experience course rather than moving onto the breakdowns of Lady Mechanika. These are for a Top Cow comic called The Darkness, which truthfully I had never heard of, but the instructor suggested we try one of these scripts since the company is holding a talent hunt. I likely won't submit, but I figured I'd give one of the scripts a shot anyway!

The Darkness is about a Mafia hitman who inherits a supernatural ability on his 21st birthday. With power of The Darkness he can control demons and creepy tendril things wherever there is an absence of light. The script I chose is The Darkness #6 where Jackie, the hitman dude, gets his revenge on his relative, Paulie, for doing a bunch of nasty stuff. Jackie offs Paulie’s muscle and then traps Paulie in a bedroom as the sun sets, so it’s a slow burn as Paulie waits for The Darkness to come and exact his/its revenge.

I’m not sure if I’ll move forward with these pages or just hop back to Mechanika, I’m interested to see what the instructor suggests! Oh, and here are the layouts…




Owen Soule

Published October 22, 2019