Lady Mechanika Layouts

October 11, 2019

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My productivity continues! In my last post I was on the fence about inking the Sandman breakdowns or moving onto Lady Mechanika, well, I’m not on the fence anymore. As you can tell from the title, I decided working through more layouts (and hopefully a few more breakdowns) was in my best interest heading into my Comics Experience course next week.

These layouts are from a Lady Mechanika story entitled “The Skeptical Alchemist” and I found the five page script on Joe Benitez’s site as a sample submission story. I don’t plan on submitting because there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day for my day job and the job of a full time comic artist, but I do think it’s a cool story with lots of Victorian and Steam Punk exteriors and interiors. Since I’m a bit weak on backgrounds this is exactly the kind of challenge I need!

Enough rambling, here are the layouts - I seriously doubt I’ll get the breakdowns done before next Wednesday but I’ll give it a shot...





Owen Soule

Published October 11, 2019