Inktober 2020

November 18, 2020

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While I’d like to crank out my Inktober post on October 31st with 31 awesome new drawings, that’s perfect world kinda stuff and that just ain’t gonna happen in 2020. So this year I’m going to call mid-November close enough for my recap and instead of 31 drawings let do… oh I don’t know.. how about 4? You see, what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality? Yeah, let’s go with that….

Actual real world ink sighted on my drawing table :-O

My plan here is to first bore you with a crappy concept sketch and then wow you with beautifully rendered ink-iness. That's the way it must be done (or so I've heard). Also, my overall concept going into Inktober 2020 was to revisit to my Inktober 2017 horror roots. I actually wanted to do an all "movie maniacs" sort of thing but didn't quite stick to that theme and went in a more general "horror" direction.

Starting off this lot is a character from the comic The Goon called Buzzard. He is an immortal law man who has been condemned to eat the flesh of the dead (think reverse-zombie) as a result of some dark magic spell cast upon him.

Buzzard sketches, I went with an amalgam of a few of these

Buzzard inked, this one is pretty big on a full size comic board 11x17

Next in line is a character who is the mascot of the horror-themed magazine,HorrorHound. It’s one of the few magazines I subscribe to and love, so I decided why not do a drawing of their gory mascot beast?! The Horror Hound himself is some kind of zombie-werewolf-autopsy-thing, so it fits with this year's theme nicely.

Lots of squats but opted for the leap

Horrifying levels of gore? This one is big too on 11x17 board

Moving into movie characters, we have Leslie Vernon from the slasher/horror/comedy film Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Leslie is sort of a Jason Voorhees want-to-be who gets a documentary crew to follow his antics, awesome flick.

Moved to digital sketching here, went with the lower right pose… only flipped

Apples pick up on the pivotal apple-press scene?

Last, but not least, another movie character, this time it's Danny Trejo in Machete! For some strange reason I've never seen any of these films so I don't know shit about them, but I thought drawing the character would be cool?

I may still finish that Sam from Halloween sketch, it's awesome

Faster Danny, faster... Kill! Kill!

And there you have it, four measly drawings I managed to pontificate about for way too long. I'll leave you with a Victory Crowley from Hatchet sketch and a reminder... don't go into his swamp!

Owen Soule

Published November 18, 2020