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April 3, 2021

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You're totally late to the bridge life craze that swept the covid-19 wasteland of summer 2020. Don’t worry, you'll be all caught up soon and ready to slap that #BridgeLife sticker on your vehicle and fall in lockstep with the trend sweeping the nation!

My sweet finished bridge, complete with Beast Boy shouting,
"I's all about that #BridgeLife, yo!"

Ok, you got me, there is no such trend. And no, Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go! didn’t visit my house or my bridge, that’s just ridiculous. But it is true that last summer I became bored after completing a wall building project and starting looking for new and exciting ways to waste time. That’s when I noticed this hastily constructed pallet apparatus that allowed me to roll the lawnmower over a drainage swale in our backyard:

Pallet bridge makes babies cry :'(

With new purpose in life, I set out to re-bridge that ditch! As most projects do, this one began with a crappy sketch:

The humble start...

With that very rough idea in mind (an on notebook paper) I headed to over to trusty old Maya and started some almost to scale plans:

Geometric goodness

And for total coverage, why not a 3D turn-around of the model!


With that design gobbledygook out of the way, it was time for woodworking! Here of some highlights of building the bridge and fangling the concrete slabs for it to rest on:

I laid out the curves on huge 2x10s with these flexible fiberglass rods and some nails.

Curve supports cut with a jigsaw, laying out decking

Figuring out post spacing and railing overhang

Fully constructed! Now the pressure treated wood had to dry out...

30+ days later, stained opaque Sherwin Williams Cheyenne Red

Laying out the concrete slabs for the bridge to rest on

Concrete cured, forms removed and rocks cleaned up

The new bridge in its final resting place (sans-Beast Boy)

And that's the end of my #BridgeLife saga... but is it ever really the end of #BridgeLife? I'm going to say no, until a tree falls on it and then yes, it will be the end. Here's hoping that day never comes!

Owen Soule

Published April 3, 2021