Get ready for the strange tale of a drawing inspired by an action figure that was inspired by a DC comic created by a toy company owned by a man who drew Spiderman! First, let’s meet the toy, it’s Bizzaro Superman!

Bizzaro asks the hard questions, like "Murrr?"

Let’s try to sort this out: MacFarlane Toys created this action figure based on Bizzaro Superman which is a character owned by DC Comics. Todd MacFarlane owns McFarlane Toys and was a well known Spiderman artist before he famously left to found Image Comics. This figure was then posed by my son, Will, and he requested I draw a likness from it which is where the story ends.

I guess it isn't really that strange, more confusing and pointless, but anyway here is the drawing, my inks, and a watercolored version for good measure!

Chicken scrawl pencils with bonus wonky finger
Wonkiness removed and more dazed look added
Bizzaro no understand point of blog post?

That's it for now.. stay frosty.