Venomized Hulk - Part 2

May 21, 2022

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Let me start by answering that burning question you and all my legions of readers have been asking themselves, "How long will it take Owen to draw one single comic book page?" Well, kind reader, I'm gonna spitball here and say... months!

Nah, I actually haven't been drawing a single page for months, that's craziness. Almost as crazy as my Venomized Hulk derangement which was expertly documented in part one of this series. What I have been doing is spending way too much time attempting to convert my website to a new platform.

Stock photo man ponders Orchard CMS to Orchard Core conversion

But that's a topic for another day, for now let's focus on Venomized Hulk. I decided to go with a mishmash of options A and D from my page breakdowns:

A + D = Excellent!

My story finds the The Hulk meandering down a ruinous city street when suddenly he is attacked from behind by a stray Venom symbiote! The Hulk fights his attacker to no avail as he is slowly subsumed by the symbiote. The battle ends with a mighty RAAWRR from the newly formed Venomized Hulk and the crazed alien/gamma monster hybrid then springs forth attack everything in sight. Yes, that old classic story line. Here are the rough pencils:

Chicken scratch goodness

And here are the nearly complete finished pencils:

Should have left more RAAWRR! room

I say nearly here because the last two panels need a few more finishing touches on the Venomized Hulk. Specifically, the symbiote isn't big enough to cover all the hulk so I need some bare Hulk spots showing. Also, I need to work in more little Venom heads popping out randomly and some tentacles to fully represent Will's Halloween costume. In fact, it so happens I have a visual aid for this:

The devil is in the symbiote details

Yes, I bought myself... uh, my son, a Venomized Hulk action figure. The madness continues next time as this page is inked and potentially water colored?

Owen Soule

Published May 21, 2022