Inktober 2022

October 31, 2022

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The annual sooty black tradition of Inktober is upon us, again! Tying into my ongoing Diode Reflex Prequel project, this Inktober is all about 1920s Egypt. These pieces were drawn from photo reference I found through either image searches or on Pintrest. Additionally, they were all done in my sketchbook and then I inked those suckers right over the pencils! Take that digital world!

Let's jump right in...

Man on camel
Tourist on donkey and Egyptian soldier
Woman selling jewelry and doodads
British people of import at an archeological dig site
Cairo shoeblack with his shinning case
Two girls with jars for head-carrying
Men smoking a hookah and playing a board game
Snake charmer
Fish mongers
Man with drum and trained monkey
Women head-carrying large vessels
Seated girl
Rotund man with coffee
Seated man

And right about there is where I reached my 1920s Egypt limit!

There is one more drawing, but it breaks all the rules of this Inktober. Drawn digitally, inked on bristol, not Egypt 1920s? Whaaa? Yep, I had to chuck a little horror in since that's my style. Let's finish this off with a terrifying drawing of the putrid creature known as Granny from the eponymous Roblox game!

Granny sees yoooouuuuuu...

And that wraps up Inktober 2022. Not a full 31 inked offerings but a decent amount, and Granny ends it on a very Halloween-y note. Happy Boo-fest everyone! Until next year boils and ghouls...

Owen Soule

Published October 31, 2022